CI-Mail-Policy: Email flow control & disclaimers for Exchange

CI-Mail-Policy is an email flow control software for centrally applying rules and actions, like adding professional email signatures, to all emails processed by a Microsoft Exchange server. Actions can be applied to emails sent from any device or client - including mobiles.


Your advantages with CI-Mail-Policy

  • Server-sided email signatures and disclaimers added to all emails - also from mobiles
  • Powerful and rule based engine with features like autoresponder, change senders, email attachment control and many more
  • Legal compliance guaranteed
  • Time and cost savings through centralized management
  • First class support

Supported Systems

  • Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013/2010
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007/2003 (with Version 3.x)
  • Office 365 / Cloud via Smarthost / local relay server


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